Wellness Coaching


Are you living your life to its absolute fullest? Have you felt like you can do more with your life, but there are too many factors (Not enough time, difficult situations, lack of motivation, stress, uncertain goals ) keeping you from living the life that you’ve always wanted? Then our wellness coaching program is for you. Our expert professionals will guide and empower you so that you can steer your life in a more desirable direction.

What we do?

Do you wish to lose weight, or get ahead in your career? Are you unsure about certain major life decisions or wish you had a better work-life balance? Do you want to quit a bad habit or want to deal with certain family issues?

We help you to figure out how to take advantage of your own skills, aptitudes, talents and strengths. We are here to give you the support and guidance that you need. We help you identify the changes which you need to make, and support our clients in setting goals that are specific and achievable.

Wellness coaching is different from counseling, psychotherapy, nutritionist, physical therapist, etc. We do not try to provide nutritional plans or try to convince the client to take on a lifestyle that doesn’t suit them.

We start with asking questions. What kind of a lifestyle do you lead? What kind of a lifestyle did you wish you led? What’s missing from your life, and what are the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving them? There is a continuous process of asking questions and figuring out the answers together. We look at the challenges that have stopped you in the past, and help you to take healthy steps to overcome them. With each session, we hope to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

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