Pranic Healing


Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful technique founded by Master Choa Kok Sui that channelizes the prana or life energies in our body so that our body can heal itself. Energy blockages in our system lead to many physiological issues. Pranic Healing is an effective system of no-touch energy healing that detects these blockages and frees them up, so that our life energy/prana/ki can flow freely throughout our bodies.

How Does Pranic Healing Work?

Pranic Healing techniques use innate ability of the human body to initiate self-healing. Our therapists help the patients to trigger the latent healing powers that can be used to cure both acute and chronic ailments. Many of the diseases (both physiological and psychosomatic) are caused by blockage of energy in different parts of our bodies. By using proven techniques, the therapists help the patient to remove the blockages and ensure a smooth flow of energy that initiates the healing process and cures diseases.


  • Provides rapid healing power to the body.
  • Prevents manifestation of diseases in the body.
  • Helps to improve appetite.
  • Can help to decrease the temperature of a person suffering from high fever in just a few hours and heal it in a day or two, in most cases.
  • Can relieve headaches, toothaches, and muscle pains almost immediately, in most cases.
  • Cures cough and cold immediately. Loose bowel movement can be healed in a few hours, in most cases.
  • Can cure physical diseases like arthritis, asthma, respiratory disorders, eye defects, hypertension, ovarian cyst, epilepsy, and so on.
  • Cures psychological problems like anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior patterns, phobias, trauma, and so on.
  • Can remove discord in marital relations.
  • Helps to maintain family health, harmony, peace, and well-being.
  • Improves inter-personal relationships.
  • Facilitates sharper and clearer thinking.
  • Develops inner peace, love and compassion those who participate regularly.

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