WHO & Harvard University urges people to be healthy physically, emotionally and mentally

So we MBS offers all online services like Yoga, counseling, healing and homeopathy session by sitting at your home so you can reach out us at 7338270009 or 8884764898.

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MBS Holistic Clinic is a comprehensive wellness centre offering various services that help build and maintain a healthy body and mind, thereby restoring the balance of health and wellness.

We offer authentic Yoga classes, holistic natural therapies, workshops on enhancing mind-body connection, and a recognized training course for Yoga trainers, all under one roof.

We believe that it is our social responsibility to spread awareness about Yoga and its numerous benefits. Through Yoga, meditation, and healing services, we help individuals and groups to achieve peace, harmony, and optimum health, thereby making a positive change to the society as a whole. Read more...

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  • Reason for Visit: Psychological Analysis

    I have been consulting with Mitesh for 2 months and find the sessions with her pretty helpful. He understands the problem and patiently tries to get the client out of their issue. I was a victim of an aggressive road rage issue last November and that had bothered me ever since. He is helping me come out of this as well as other personal issues. I will recommend her to anyone seeking counselling or facing other personal issues.

    ― Sabari

  • Reason for Visit: Overcoming Anxiety

    Mitesh is excellent and will understand the problem very quickly. I had five sessions with him for my anxiety. He found the problem during the first session itself. He helped me to come out of all my negative thoughts and fear and suggested that I join yoga after the sessions completed. I have been doing the yoga for 9 months and I am having a completely peaceful life. Thanks Mitesh for your great understanding and patience. I will definitely recommend him to the people who are suffering with anxiety or depression and seeking for a counselor.

    ― Pranav

  • Reason for Visit: Yoga Classes

    At first, I had joined Yoga sessions for killing time. :) But after doing yoga for a month, I loved the changes in me. I had a peaceful sleep and felt fresh throughout the day. Excellent place for a great change in you. Trainers are very helpful and they help us do the asanas in the correct posture. My favorite is Abhishek. He is always active and it motivates us to be active as well.

    ― Brindha

  • I had attended Yoga classes at MBS Holistic clinic for four months. And I would say it`s awesome. I went for weight management. And I could see considerable difference in just one month. The ambience of the place is amazing and the instructor is very friendly. He gives equal attention to all the students. Overall, I had an excellent experience at MBS.

    MayankGoel ― Engineering Manager

    Intel Corporation, Bangalore

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Mr Mitesh helped me recover from a groin injury, which had set in due an inguinal hernia. I could see the results of Pranic healing from day 1.

In about 15 sessions, including- healing, counselling and yoga training, I have recovered 95% from my initial state. Highly Recommended!

Komal is a thorough professional and a great counsellor. She has been counselling me for almost 2 years. I find her to be warm empathetic and skilful. She has used TA techniques to help me realise my maladaptive behaviour and has made me adopt healthy ones.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs some undivided attention and counselling.

MBS is really aim on healthy life. The best example would be my wife`s case. She loss her weight in a few span of time. And that is through Yoga and Acupressure.

Mithesh and Abhishek are really good trainers. All above the location is calm and can enjoy yoga not just as an exercise, but also as a daily routine.

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